Monday, November 06, 2006

Lions Theatre demystifies Satanism

Lions Theatre demystifies Satanism
03:27:51 - 06 November 2006

Their last play,
Slaughter House
Republic was a condemnation of the Chiradzulu murders but this time around, Lions Arts Theatre demystifies Satanism in their latest play The Blood of Jesus.
Speaking in an interview, the group’s director Thlupego Chisiza said Satanism is still mysterious but the play is a source of hope to those who believe in the power of Jesus Christ.
“Some things that happen in our society cannot be easily explained. There are a lot of accidents, removal of private parts and all kinds of evil acts, we simply look at that as the work of Satan,” he said.
He said people talk a lot about Satanism and what the group has done is to collect that information and come up with the play.
“Some people have confessed that they were once satanic. Our play has tried to create a picture on what Satanism is all about based on people’s experiences but in the end, it is the blood of Jesus that cleanse them,” he said.
The play centres around Isaac, whose father Mphundu is a pastor but the son’s actions puts into question the father’s responsibility in guiding his own children.
Isaac represents the present generation whose majority does not value the advice from their parents and regard their own actions as the best they can do with their lives.
The son challenges Mphundu that he never asked his father to be born. Isaac insists that he is old enough to produce his own children and he shocks his father further: “Girls give me fun, they entertain me. Okay, if I stop womanising it means I will turn you into my wife.”
As the play progresses, Isaac is given a high position by worshippers of Satan for his achievements. He is the one responsible for the deaths of his mother and sister and caused 46 accidents in three weeks.
To the disbelief of his father, he falls in love with his own aunt, Blandina and challenges Mphundu that he has no say on their relationship. Isaac claims to be more powerful than his father and reveals that he is the one who killed his mother and sister.
“It is a play that will make people understand some of the things that happen in life and I hope it will lead a lot of people to salvation because the only way we can run away from evil is to embrace Jesus Christ,” says Chisiza, who is the son of late theatre guru Du Chisiza.
The play which was written and directed by Chisiza goes to Gymkhana Club in Zomba on Saturday before Lions Theatre returns with their act to French Cultural Centre (FCC) in Blantyre the following day.

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