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Satanic Female Eipscopal Bishop Installed

Editorial Note: Though we post this next article, we do so with much disgust at the obvious bigotry and discriminatory content. Its' presence here is merely to show and document an issue that effects us even in this day and age. It is beyond this editors scope of reason, how someone could hold to such antiquary beliefs which go against every fiber of the true meaning of the religion he claims to be speaking on behalf of, yet claiming (at the end) an accomplished education.

Satanic Female Eipscopal Bishop Installed
By J. Grant Swank Jr. (11/04/2006)

She declares that the Bible is not regarded as divine revelation and therefore is no guide for morality.

That means that she is not a biblical Christian, yet she is a religious leader. She is thereby not defending the Christian deity however still remaining with the ecclesiastical frame. That makes her, not a Christian, not a "middle person between Christianity and Satanism," but a satanic leader of the first order. Being a religious personage within the framework of Christendom but not holding to biblical leader makes her nothing short of a satanic leader of the first order.

Jesus said that there would be false prophets in every age. There were numerous one in His first century. Jesus stated that those religious leaders who lead laity astray will be dealt a greater damnation. Therefore, this particular female Episcopal presiding bishop ensconced, according to Jesus, will pay with a greater damnation.

Once one steps outside the Bible as divine revelation and yet continues as a religious leader within Christendom, that makes that individual no longer a biblical believer. Not to be a biblical believer is not to hold Christ as the only Savior for a repentant mankind. That means that the individual leader is not advocating Christ or His Word but instead advocating Satanism.

Satanism appears not only in the raw with satanic symbols, covens and the like. Satanism appears in the supposed refined state, the prime recent example being Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church Katharine Jefferts Schori. She met with the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams last week. Today, Saturday, November 4, 2006, she is to be installed with the new title upon her head. The Archbishop is reported as not in agreement with her installation.

Schori, in one of her satanic supports, endorses ordaining practicing homosexuals. In that, she is not only diametrically opposed to divine revelation which states God’s abhorrence for such activity, but she furthers AIDS / HIV. By championing active homosexuality, one automatically furthers the disease for much of the researched activity goes on without protected sex. It is ironic and diabolical that a religious leader within Christendom would advocate a lifestyle that aids the spreading of a global plague; nevertheless, that is what theological liberals do.

In supporting ordaining active homosexuals, Schori also supports "blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples," per AP. It appears that advocating active homosexuality and same-gender "marriage" go hand in hand with theological liberals.

The biblical Anglicans worldwide are antithetical to apostate Anglicans, the latter known as "Episcopalians" in the United States. The rift grows. The biblical believers point to the Bible as the only morality guideline for genuine Christians. The apostates point to moral relativity as their ethical guideline. The latter opens up definitions of all sorts due to the individual crafting of morals determined by relativism.

The Episcopal Church has gone further and further into apostasy with its leadership brazenly stating that if one holds to the biblical position that biblical believer is of the devil. Biblical believers realize that such is to be expected when once-believers leave the biblical theology for apostasy. The more one drifts from biblical data yet claims to be "religious Christian," the more one becomes vehement in defense of relativism.

Schori does not pretend to be anything but what she claims. What she claims is that the Scriptures are not to be trusted, Christ is not the eternal Savior provided repented humanity, sexuality is an individual relativism, and salvation can be obtained by any means conjured by the mortal. That in itself absents her from the right to use the term "Christian." It also places her eternal soul in jeopardy, according to the words of Jesus as recorded in the New Testament Gospel accounts.

By not endorsing Christ and His sacrificial gift upon Calvary, Schori becomes one with the "spirit of antichrist." The spirit of AntiChrist is mentioned by the apostle John in his letters in the New Testament, John stating that in the End Times that spirit would be set loose upon the Earth. The spirit of AntiChrist precedes the actual appearance of a person known as the AntiChrist, the latter being "the beast" of Revelation 13:1-10, such regarded as the political leader of a ten-nation alliance operative during the about-seven year Tribulation Period.

By Schori’s own confession regarding her creedal beliefs, she has placed herself in line with the AntiChrist rule. Those gathering about her creedal conclusions do the same. That is why those biblical believers within the Episcopal Church and Anglican Church are so opposed to that liberal segment gaining control of the Anglican communion. To the biblical believers it is a matter of siding with the God of the Bible or siding with the Devil. With biblical believers there is no middle ground for one is either with the God of the Bible or against the God of the Bible.

Throughout the Bible itself, there is always the tussle between those who are totally committed to that deity or those who compromise that commitment. The latter are then regarded within holy writ as apostates, backslidden and not deserving to be known as genuine disciples of that deity.

"Christian author and philosopher Os Guinness says the Episcopal Church's incoming Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori is ‘not an orthodox believer.

"By that he means that she doesn't accept the Christian creeds and historical teachings about Jesus Christ, personal salvation, biblical revelation, sexuality and other issues.

"Guinness, an Anglican, says much of the U.S. Episcopal Church has embraced heresy and become ‘apostate’ and even ‘pagan.’

"He asserts that Bishop Jefferts Schori will be ‘presiding over something which God will judge.’

"Guinness considers her part of ‘a new phenomenon in the world, where there are Christian leaders who no longer believe the Christian faith, and yet stay on as leaders.’"

This "new phenomenon" is not undefined by biblical believers. The latter study the Bible, know the fine line detail and therefore are very much aware that in the End Times persons as Schori will take center stage in some quarters due to their allegiance to the spirit of AntiChrist.

Therefore, though such may be theologically shocking to some, it is not to those biblical students who are well informed regarding biblical prophecy in particular.

Copyright © 2006 by J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Graduate of accredited college (BA) and seminary (M Div) with graduate work at Harvard Divinity School. Married for 44 years with 3 adult children. Author of 5 books and thousands of articles in various Protestant and Catholic magazines, journals, web sites, and newspapers. Writer of weekly religion column for PORTLAND PRESS HERALD newspaper, Portland ME.


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